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Un mini-jeu de Final Fantasy XIV


Hautes-Terres du Coerthas Occidental (16, 22)

PGS requis PGS gagnés
30 73 (Victoire)
29 (Match nul)
10 (Défaite)
Rules Niveau
Ordre Moyen
Récompense éventuelle #101 OculusOculus - 20.00% (2/10)
Conditions de défi Quêtes : 「Au-delà de nos différences」
Disponibilité De 16h à 20h


Analyse et Astuces

Pas (encore) d'astuce pour ce NPC.


Ruruyo 23 octobre 2016 à 21h56

lvl 56 Unknown Ultimatum > A War Without End again starting from Dominiac himself All that to challenge one NPC for a 1* card. Hope it's worth it.

Ruruyo 23 octobre 2016 à 21h54

lvl 60 The Paths We Walk > The Burdens We Bear(5 long quests) from House Fortemps Manservant inside house fortemps in Ishgard (you need to be a fair ways through the main scenario to do this one, probably through patch 3.3 or 3.4)

Ruruyo 23 octobre 2016 à 21h51

So, apparently SE thought it would be a good idea to hide this TT npc behind a giant wall of quests. As far as I know, this is the quest chain. lvl 51 Introductory Dragonslaying > Expert Dragonslaying (4 quests) from Dominiac himself

Anonymous Player 25 août 2016 à 3h59

2 wins to get Deepeye

Anonymous Player 20 août 2016 à 16h42

Completing "Enlisted" (level 56) that starts in The Pillars of Ishgard unlocks a handful of new quests in the zone. One is "Unknown Ultimatum". Follow that quest line through. After "A War Without End", he will be willing to play.

Anonymous Player 5 mai 2016 à 13h24

He seems to be never available to me :/ completed all the quests and im there during the right time and i have the option to play against him but never has the time to play <<

Anonymous Player 16 février 2016 à 8h38

I have completed all of the quests and approached the NPC during the displayed window... Still not getting him to play with me. What am I doing wrong?

Anonymous Player 21 novembre 2015 à 21h30

Have to do all quests in area to play him it seems :(

Elena Cousland (Gilg 16 novembre 2015 à 5h08

hide your cards behind a wall of other cards so they cant be taken this applys to all NPC's that dont play either the plus or same rule