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Un mini-jeu de Final Fantasy XIV

Croupier de l'arène

Arène Triple Triade

PGS requis PGS gagnés
30 125 (Victoire)
50 (Match nul)
18 (Défaite)
Rules Niveau
Tueur d'As, Chaos Moyen
Récompense éventuelle #73 TerraTerra - 4.88% (2/41)
#160 Colosse magitekColosse magitek - 14.63% (6/41)
Conditions de défi Aucune
Disponibilité Tout le temps


Analyse et Astuces

Pas (encore) d'astuce pour ce NPC.


Anonymous Player 7 mai 2017 à 5h12

8-9 losses, 1 win, got Terra. Lucky break. not going against him again!

LM 10 mars 2017 à 13h27

26 wins, 5 magitek, 1 terra

Anonymous Player 20 novembre 2016 à 20h27

Make sure you have cards with the number 1, so that you can flip any of his cards with As.

Anonymous Player 18 novembre 2016 à 13h25

Got Terra after a loooong farm ! o/

Anonymous Player 15 octobre 2016 à 22h05

As mentioned already terra is on this guy

Anonymous Player 10 octobre 2016 à 15h10

Got Terra aswell

Anonymous Player 5 octobre 2016 à 23h58

got Terra Branford card which I dont need...

Anonymous Player 3 octobre 2016 à 4h52

The rules allow for strategy. Even the odds by having cards in your deck with "1" sides to counter his multiple A's with Fallen Ace.

Freddie 2 octobre 2016 à 20h30

15 wins, 1 terra, 1 Magitek.

Freddie 2 octobre 2016 à 20h20

It's another one of these cheater NPC:s that Square Enix loves to put into the game. Will use much better cards than you are allowed to use every time and is not affected by the chaos rule. Be prepared to play a ton of games and just win a few.

Anonymous Player 1 octobre 2016 à 6h07

Also got Terra

Anonymous Player 1 octobre 2016 à 0h25

Terra does indeed drop

Anonymous Player 30 septembre 2016 à 20h08

yup got a terra branford card just now (still waiting for the colossus though)

KyonKyon 30 septembre 2016 à 11h48

Can vouch for the Terra card drops. Just got one, myself.

Anonymous Player 29 septembre 2016 à 19h32

Also Drops Terra Card