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Un mini-jeu de Final Fantasy XIV


Gold Saucer (4, 6)

PGS requis PGS gagnés
40 182 (Victoire)
72 (Match nul)
27 (Défaite)
Rules Niveau
Tueur d'as, Chaos Moyen
Récompense éventuelle #70 Chevalier OignonChevalier Oignon - Pas (encore) de taux de drop
#72 BartzBartz - Pas (encore) de taux de drop
#73 TerraTerra - Pas (encore) de taux de drop
Conditions de défi Aucune
Disponibilité De 21h à 7h


Analyse et Astuces

Pas (encore) d'astuce pour ce NPC.


Anonymous Player 7 mai 2017 à 6h29

Hope that helps. Only managed to test twice and won both so far. Need to try again when she's up.

Anonymous Player 7 mai 2017 à 6h28

Here's some tips if you came across this site for your deck: 1. Use card with A on the RIGHT side. She doesn't have a 1s on Left side 2. Use cards with 1s on the sides to capture her As. My deck: Moogle, Amaljaa, Colibri, Rhitahtyn sas Arvina, Zidane

MysticJos 18 février 2017 à 22h12

Drop rate : 0,01%

Anonymous Player 21 janvier 2017 à 5h39

She's a lot easier to beat now. Anyone figured a winning deck against her?

Anonymous Player 22 décembre 2016 à 10h21

I can't find her anymore. Is she no longer available?

Anonymous Player 4 juillet 2016 à 3h38

just got terra and bartz in a row <3 still need the last one

Kass 25 juin 2016 à 7h38

fucking npc grrr T.T

Plague Doctor 23 avril 2016 à 13h46

4/23/2016, officially gave up on this NPC and ever getting the Bartz card from her.

Anonymous Player 17 avril 2016 à 20h10

first time against her, 2 wins, 3 draws, lots of losses. no cards ;__;

Anonymous Player 13 avril 2016 à 22h41

Literally just fuck this NPC lol..better off farming the dungeons.

Anonymous Player 19 mars 2016 à 21h02

any fun that was to be had by playing triple triad is sapped out of the game by mechanics like this.

Anonymous Player 1 février 2016 à 19h45

Chaos rule is broken, everytime i must play my cards in a way so they are of no use -.-, if you get some good cards for ones, i can never use them to switch her cards, its like they know at the start of each game in what order i will get to play my cards

Anonymous Player 17 janvier 2016 à 1h05

There's a lot of RNG involved in this NPC due to the cards YOU will be given. Try and force her to bait her cards so that their BOTTOM/LEFT side is exposed. Most of the numbers on the left or bottom seem to be her weakest for a large part of her deck.

Anonymous Player 9 janvier 2016 à 17h10

Very unlucky with the cards I get, didn't get any of her drops from winning yet

Anonymous Player 6 décembre 2015 à 21h23

I'm finding it helps to put your cards on top LEFT* to bait her. Weakness looks to be mostly bottom and right side of her cards. Since I can't edit, new line.

Anonymous Player 6 décembre 2015 à 21h18

I'm finding it helps to put your cards on top right to bait her. Weakness looks to be mostly bottom and right side of her cards.

Anonymous Player 2 décembre 2015 à 13h35

I drew with her once...proud moment

Anonymous Player 28 novembre 2015 à 21h01

Is there a trick to beating her? with the stack of cards at her disposal, and the RNG giving me my worst cards in almost every match, It seems nigh impossible.

Anonymous Player 19 novembre 2015 à 11h53

After a few days of self-inflicting torture, I finally got the Terra and Bartz card from her. I'll never face Lewena again!

Anonymous Player 16 novembre 2015 à 5h35

heres a tip get your doctor to perescribe some uppers because this shit gets depressing