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A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game

Dear Triple Triad players,

Welcome to your Triple Triad resource for Final Fantasy XIV!
This website lists all available Triple Triad cards and will help you find them: achievements, dungeons, NPC drops, and more.

There is also a list of challengeable NPCs with their timer - if they have one - and cards they drop and play, with tips from the community.

I hope you'll enjoy your time on ARR: Triple Triad!

What's new?

01/30/2018 @ 09:18 PM GMT+2 | See this news on Facebook or Twitter

Every card has been found except Genbu. I'm not sure but I expect it to be added at a later date, as logic dictates.
Edit scratch that. I totally forgot about Hells' Lid! It drops there, I just got it.

All NPCs have been added too!

01/30/2018 @ 09:23 AM GMT+2 | See this news on Facebook or Twitter

Hi everyone,
The website has been updated. 10 new cards, 5 new NPCs that we'll have to find.

As always, the link to the Google Doc: http://bit.ly/2EqV3dD

Enjoy the patch o/

01/27/2018 @ 10:49 AM GMT+2 | See this news on Facebook or Twitter

Triple Triad will go through some changes!

First of all, "NPCs will no longer have restrictions on when they can be challenged to Triple Triad". I'll remove everything timer-related on the website when the time comes.

Secondly, icons above NPCs name will be changed. There will be one when you've beaten the NPC but don't have all their cards. (the website sounds less and less useful, now)

And lastly, when challenging a NPC, we'll be able to see which cards they drop.

Okay, I'm definitely closing the website... No, stay, I'm joking!

See you on Tuesday o/

01/25/2018 @ 01:41 PM GMT+2 | See this news on Facebook or Twitter

Hi everyone,

Just a quick message to tell you I fixed the Deck Manager. Someone pointed out months ago that new cards weren't working properly, and I didn't have the time to take a look. Sorry about that.

I also added a confirmation popup when you click on the "Add all cards" and "Remove all cards" buttons. At least one person misclicked this and I'm sorry I didn't think about managing that earlier :(

Anyway, since a main patch is coming soon, we can except new cards as usual. And as always, yours truly will update the website as soon as possible!

10/10/2017 @ 11:29 AM GMT+2 | See this news on Facebook or Twitter

The website is up-to-date with the new cards!
Only 8 this time, and no new NPCs, it seems.

Enjoy! (after rushing to Shirogane to get your new house)

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