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A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game


The domestication of chocobos in Eorzea appears to date back to prehistory, with ancient paintings recently discovered near Ishgard showing tribesfolk using the flightless yellow cloudkin to till the earth, transport grain, and carry warriors into battle. While the overwhelming majority of chocobos seen in Eorzea today are of Coerthan stock, it is rumored that wild breeds of the species─including those which have retained the capacity for flight─still thrive throughout forests nestled in the vastly unexplored valleys of Abalathia's Spine.
#RarityTypeSells for
13 1 None 100 MGP
3 7 2 1
Triple Triad Master, Gold Saucer (4, 7)
Guhtwint of the Three Diamonds, Gold Saucer (4, 7)
Bought from the Triple Triad Trader for 600 MGP