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A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game

Good King Moggle Mog XII

Summoned by a rogue sect of Twelveswood moogles believing the regent to be the very figure who led their peoples from their home in the starry welkin down to the realm of Eorzea, Good King Moggle Mog XII is only actually “good” to his handful of subjects, doling out healthy dollops of royal justice to all others who would dare stand in his way.
#RarityTypeSells for
43 3 1 500 MGP
7 6 7 1
Vorsaile Heuloix, New Gridania (9, 11)
Master Mogzin, The Churning Mists (15-28)
Thornmarch (Hard)
Thornmarch (Extreme)


Anonymous Player 10 July 2016 at 5:37pm

You can get him to Mogzin, NPC after the 8th rank at the Mog quests.