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9 5 9 6
Rarity Card Type Sells for Values
Rare 1500 MGP 9・5・9・6

Drop rates have a color to illustrate their accuracy depending on the number of drop reports:
Red: inaccurate (less than 100 reports), Orange: somewhat accurate (100~1000 reports), Blue: accurate (more than 1000 reports)

Fizzle 4th September, 2021 @ 04:53 am

69 F*cking wins and 11 Godberts later I got my Bahamut. 10/10 would recommend if you want your sanity destroyed.

Nagro 29th August, 2021 @ 11:00 pm

1 match 1 win 1 Bahamut. Third ever match of Triad

Anon 29th August, 2021 @ 05:30 pm

Two wins, one Bahamut. Sorry y'all, I'm normally a WoW player

Ganswon 27th August, 2021 @ 02:03 pm

45 Wins 1 Bahamut 6 Godbert

Anonymous Player 25th August, 2021 @ 04:05 pm

I've been playing king elmer nearly every time I login for the past six months and I haven't seen bahamut! I've only seen godbert a couple of times. :(

Anonymous Player 19th August, 2021 @ 08:53 am

zugma :D

chinde 5th August, 2021 @ 05:09 am

21 games 1 bahamut

Belserden 4th August, 2021 @ 08:23 pm

23W = 1 Bahamut and 3 Godberts.

Anonymous Player 24th July, 2021 @ 12:13 am

1W - 1 Bahamut!! I can’t believe it!!

Zil 19th July, 2021 @ 02:02 pm

9W 4D 6L 1 Bahamut.

chronoshifter 18th July, 2021 @ 08:57 pm

32 Wins, 1 Bahumut, 9 Godbert

Selirine 18th July, 2021 @ 03:33 am

109 W / 82 L - 7 godbert, 1 bahamut.... what a mess that was

perrydotto 9th July, 2021 @ 03:48 pm

52 W against King Elmer, 6 Godbert, 1 Bahamut

Kenji Myst 20th June, 2021 @ 01:41 am

21 W = 2 Godbert 1 Bahamut

Anonymous Player 13th June, 2021 @ 12:29 pm

9W 6L 4D = 5 Godbert 1 Bahamut

Anonymous Player 12th June, 2021 @ 02:03 pm


Anonymous Player 10th June, 2021 @ 03:41 pm

almost 200W 23Godbert, no Baha

sheribearied 5th June, 2021 @ 11:02 pm

Sadly, I didn't count my wins/losses/draws, but it took me well over an hour to get one Bahamut

Anonymous Player 25th May, 2021 @ 10:43 pm

13W 3D 5L = 4 Godbert, 1 Bahamut

Anonymous Player 17th May, 2021 @ 03:54 pm

They buffed drop rates, whatever the drop rate used to be is inaccurate now.

Anonymous Player 10th May, 2021 @ 06:16 pm

Got it on my first win, I had no idea it was rare

Marion Lavorre 1st May, 2021 @ 07:11 am

2 wins on my trial account! Didn't realise it was this good! Even more stoked now.

LloerArtemis 19th April, 2021 @ 03:14 am

1 in 21 wins for me

Anonymous Player 17th April, 2021 @ 02:53 am

37W/21D/15L for 7 goldbert and finally 1 bahamut after 5.5 update

EricARR 21st March, 2021 @ 06:11 pm

23 Wins to get Bahamut today, though I've made numerous attempts before. The Miette Guide on the King Elmer III page is solid but not foolproof. If you lead and Gobert is played above Dodo, there's a good chance to win but not guaranteed. If Elmer leads, aggressively manipulate the Plus rule by baiting situations where you get get 2 Elmer cards adjacent to one open spot, then play Plus. Remember that Bahamut will be his final card, so you'll need a substantial lead by that point.

SpookyDJ 7th March, 2021 @ 08:27 pm

If you get this card under 10 wins play the lottery right now. took at least 2 months and 300 wins for me

Mejker 9th February, 2021 @ 08:29 am

Here's a little spreadsheet i made for about 75-80% winrate with pretty easy to aquire cards. Used some 4 year old reddit thread and improved upon it by using that method, it's still incomplete but it's very consistent. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mBCtoegCdDIWhkxgi8sbqgUeY7qhJnBoI97ydUTdLoA/edit?usp=sharing

Anonymous Player 3rd February, 2021 @ 01:06 pm

164 wins.... finally got it. I hated this so much.

Arianna Wyrmblood 3rd November, 2020 @ 08:56 pm

Decided to try and get bahamut with 15 mins left before Reset today, I managed to get him after just 4 wins. (Used my own Deck

Raspberry Buttercream 30th October, 2020 @ 07:18 am

5 Win, 1 Bahamut!!! Kidding... The 5 wins are only just from today... More than 300 wins over the span of 5 months, finally! I hate you King Elmer III, time for us to say good bye!

Taya Tayuun 7th August, 2020 @ 07:27 am

Many other attempts across multiple days, but after another 26 wins tonight alone finally got him to drop.

Eli Keres 1st June, 2020 @ 02:33 pm

Plays: 48 | Wins: 12 | Draws: 4 | Losses: 32 | Bahamut: 1 | Godbert: 2 || Occasionally chose wrong deck and lost/draw. All wins were through the strategy shown above, or pure luck with the beginner deck(sleep deprivation is a thing, so I wasn't paying much attention if it wasn't going according to the strategy.)

Helios Geki 31st May, 2020 @ 06:13 am

64 Wins, 34 Draws, 38 Loss 47%win rate 25% draw rate 28% loss rate Total games played 136 7 Godbert, 1 Bahamut.

Anonymous Player 26th April, 2020 @ 10:11 am

Can you change the 2.97% drop chance please, if you see the comments this chance is not even near to the real drop chance

legumious 14th March, 2020 @ 04:24 am

I got it. After a little over 4 years and between 40 and 50 Godberts, I finally got it.

Anonymous Player 15th February, 2020 @ 07:59 pm

i'm starting to beleive there's something to the theory of the base starter deck with this: i was winning for well over an hour and change with him at least 1:3 ratio. then i swapped to using the base deck, lost four times, won once. i got bahamut on the one win.

Christopho 20th October, 2019 @ 07:44 am

BY FAR the most consistent win strat: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/4kdkoy/great_way_to_farm_king_elmer_to_get_your_bahamut/ I've tried 4 different decks and NOTHING is consistent as the above. Win ratio is near 100% and on the rare occasion a loss might happen, you can turn it into a draw. Just be aware that his numbering is based off the numpad. Also, if you ever hit a point where the path strays from what he puts, try to look at the bigger picture and you can probably still turn it into a win (end result is almost always putting Moogle at 1). Would highly recommend copy+pasting that list into google sheets/excel so you can view it on a separate monitor. Be warned that it still took me about 8-10 hours of farming to get Behemoth but I probably would have gotten it sooner if I employed this setup right away (only learned of this deck during my last 2 hours of farming).

Anonymous Player 13th August, 2019 @ 04:35 am

Spent 3 hours trying to get this with the starter deck. Probably won 50% of the time. Got 8 GM cards, but no Bahamut.

Pd G- 8th August, 2019 @ 06:28 am

14 Godbert Manderville's before Bahamut dropped. I must have won over 250 matches against Elmer. This simply isn't worth the time.

EpsilDelta 3rd August, 2019 @ 07:25 pm

170-180 wins

Anonymous Player 22nd July, 2019 @ 05:53 am

Took me 184 rounds to get this one

Anonymous Player 2nd May, 2019 @ 04:52 am

What’s T13??

Anonymous Player 9th September, 2018 @ 01:05 am

Can anyone confirm T13 drops? Haven't seen it but only run a few.

Azzy 6th August, 2018 @ 06:06 pm

5 wins

Pampa prika 12th February, 2017 @ 04:04 am

It's possible to loot this card on T13
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