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#301 – Thancred (Shadowbringers)

7 9 8 1
“Que je me trouve ici avec toi, ou aux confins d'un autre monde... sache que je ne souhaiterai jamais rien d'autre que ton bonheur.”
Rare. Type Vente Valeurs
Inconnu Invendable 7・9・8・1
  • Haut-fait "Porte-cartes X" : obtenir 300 cartes uniques

Les taux de drop ont des couleurs différentes pour illustrer leur précision :
Rouge : peu précis (moins de 100 comptes-rendus), Orange : relativement précis (100~1000 comptes-rendus), Bleu : précis (plus de 1000 comptes-rendus)

R'jenny Kett 23rd September, 2020 @ 01:31 am

I finally got this card today! I just need WoL from SoS, then my collection will be complete again! <3

Urcyd Sardis- Moogle 31st August, 2020 @ 12:44 pm

I'm just missing the dwarves cards at this point to get him. Can't wait to have my collection complete again haha.

Anonymous Player 26th August, 2020 @ 06:40 pm

I was never able to make into the first three places for the direct card prize but I got them on the platinum random prizes. It is not a high drop rate but you can get them as well.

Ariabeth 24th August, 2020 @ 10:14 am

@Anonymous Player (19th August) Stop being a whiney gatekeeper. Some one expresses the lengths one has to go through to obtain this card, this is not complaining or ruining any MMOs. You however, are a type of disease that ruins MMOs, please adjust yourself whoever you are.

Anonymous Player 19th August, 2020 @ 03:16 am

@ Asinametra You don't need to be lucky, or win trade. Stop whining and get good. Cry babies like you that ruin MMO's for everyone. Instant gratification do nothing snowflake. Sigh...

tkx 17th August, 2020 @ 02:46 pm

More cards will be added later... keep your pants dry, people.

Asinametra 15th August, 2020 @ 01:23 am

At its introduction, there are only 301 total cards in the game, INCLUDING this one. That means you need every single other card. The literal only way to get this card is to be exceptionally lucky and/or win-trade in Tournaments. I've been trying to get Cecil for real life years at this point, and now he's blocking me from getting this card, too :(

Anonymous Player 11th August, 2020 @ 10:27 am

Achievement - Collect 300 Cards (basically everyone besides this)
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