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7 10 2 9
Born of a multiplicity of messengers who sought hope amongst the stars, yet found naught but despair, the Endsinger long nested at the furthest edge of the heavens. Thence did she grant the universe one final song, lifted upon the winds of dynamis─the kindness of oblivion.
Rarity Card Type Sells for Values
Unknown - 1500 MGP 7・A・2・9
  • Bought from the Triple Triad Trader for 72,000 MGP

Drop rates have a color to illustrate their accuracy depending on the number of drop reports:
Red: inaccurate (less than 100 reports), Orange: somewhat accurate (100~1000 reports), Blue: accurate (more than 1000 reports)

Anonymous Player 4th August, 2023 @ 02:44 am

The EX trial only gives the Meteion card

Anonymous Player 13th November, 2022 @ 03:51 pm


mcace2310 16th August, 2022 @ 02:57 am

so, i farmed 99 totems for the mount when this released on day 1 and no card dropped

Anonymous Player 16th April, 2022 @ 12:42 am

I'm guessing they took the feedback that cards shouldn't drop from extreme trials, so they put it on the trader instead.

Anonymous Player 15th April, 2022 @ 09:19 pm

I farmed ex (12 times) and no card seen for me and another player

Janni Stoudemire 13th April, 2022 @ 04:24 am

72K MGP but i also think it drops on new Ex Trail

Bryan Zeller 13th April, 2022 @ 01:24 am

Id assume it can drop from trial

Fackel 12th April, 2022 @ 02:25 pm

Buy it in the Gold Saucer for 72000 MGP

Anonymous Player 12th April, 2022 @ 02:20 pm

Is this from TT trader only or can you get this in the new EX? Anyone know?

TIggy Fae 12th April, 2022 @ 01:09 pm

Triple triad trader in gold saucer for 72 000 MGP
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