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10 5 2 10
Leader of the four archfiends, this enigmatic knight in black marshaled a great host of voidsent in a campaign of conquest in the Thirteenth. Once his supremacy was established, Golbez's focus turned to his true ambition: invading the aether-rich world of the Source.
Rarity Card Type Sells for Values
Uncommon - 1500 MGP A・5・2・A
  • The Voidcast Dais — 33.33%
  • The Voidcast Dais (Extreme) — 13.33%

Drop rates have a color to illustrate their accuracy depending on the number of drop reports:
Red: inaccurate (less than 100 reports), Orange: somewhat accurate (100~1000 reports), Blue: accurate (more than 1000 reports)

Vivi13 12th November, 2023 @ 08:02 am

35 runs of normal so far, and no drop. Hopefully complaining will make it drop haha.

Lucy Branford 8th October, 2023 @ 07:42 pm

I believe I got card from normal mode. For EX drop rates, kept all the ones I got until I got mount. 111 runs, 11 cards. Around 11% drop rate estimated.

Madeleine Hales 18th August, 2023 @ 06:22 pm

once again i got the card first time doing the normal mode

seaofstars 14th August, 2023 @ 09:34 pm

2 runs, 1 card. Sweet.

Anonymous Player 25th July, 2023 @ 08:20 pm

The drop rate for these cards should be rivisited. Stay there to repeat a casual duty times and times again for A CARD is simply no sense.

Anonymous Player 13th July, 2023 @ 09:04 pm

got the card after 15 runs on normal.

Ananymus Player 24th June, 2023 @ 01:21 am

Wonder if SE will ever fix these TT card drop bugs. Everyone either gets it on run 1 or 2 or has to do 70-100 runs. I've done roughly 80 myself. It was the same with Endsinger.

Jay 22nd June, 2023 @ 08:44 am

Got it my first run.

Anonymous Player 5th June, 2023 @ 03:37 am

1 normal run

Anonymous Player 4th June, 2023 @ 10:34 pm

Call me unlucky: did this fight over 100 times (yes, counted) and I still have NOT got it.

StarmanJSP 3rd June, 2023 @ 08:42 pm

Got the card on my 26th run.

Franval 3rd June, 2023 @ 01:03 pm

2 runs. Cool fight

Remasa 27th May, 2023 @ 09:55 pm

8-10 runs of Normal, 1 card

Anonymous Player 27th May, 2023 @ 01:43 am

10+ runs of both normal and extreme, still no card REEEEEEEEE

chethalopod 26th May, 2023 @ 07:11 am

i have been farming this since it came out, probably have run it about 30 times and no drop so far

Anonymous Player 25th May, 2023 @ 08:17 pm

I got it after about 10 runs of the normal version

Anonymous Player 25th May, 2023 @ 05:50 pm

1 run on normal, then 5 on extreme, 1 drop

Anonymous Player 25th May, 2023 @ 03:51 pm

30 runs total, 20 normal raid and 10 extreme, still no drops

james mc daid 24th May, 2023 @ 06:15 pm

1st run normal mode

Blazef 23rd May, 2023 @ 07:21 pm

1st run - normal mode
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