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A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game

Stormblood Alphinaud & Alisaie

6 8 8 8
“I can strike bargains, forge ties, and change minds. And where better to do these things than in the home of our old enemy?”

“Go, then. You've obviously made up your mind.”
IG Order Card Type Sells for Values
223 1500 MGP 6・8・8・8
  • Mero Roggo, The Dravanian Hinterlands (12.8, 36.8)

Anonymous Player 7th March, 2019 @ 03:15 pm

Possibly the worst RNG card in the entire game. The frog has a bad drop rate as is, but he also has THREE OTHER CARDS, meaning that even in the rare instance he does drop a card, it's exceedingly unlikely to be this one.

MorriganFrost 2nd February, 2019 @ 05:40 pm

Worst RNG I've ever seen on a card, 100 wins so far only seen two cards and both were not this.

Azzy 2nd February, 2019 @ 03:05 pm

5 matches and 2 wins for this one out of the 4 available, must have been lucky \o/

Anonymous Player 10th January, 2019 @ 02:27 pm

Won 3 of these trying to get Strix...

tamrissa tealady 8th January, 2019 @ 02:53 pm

from mero roggo in dravanian hinterlands 13,37

Dark Fayth (Midgardsormr) 8th January, 2019 @ 01:31 pm

Confirmed drop from "Mero Roggo" NPC in The Dravanian Hinterlands (X:12 Y:36). Took about 35 wins, 3 calcabrina 1 strix 1 alphinaud. http://prntscr.com/m4fnmy

Wim Loones 8th January, 2019 @ 12:12 pm

This Card seems a possible drop from NPC "Mero Roggo" in The Dravanian Hinterlands (X:12 Y:36). Needs confirmation.
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