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The Pillars (7-10)

Cost Reward
25 112 (Win)
44 (Draw)
16 (Lose)
Rules Level
Chaos, Plus 7
Potential reward
Conditions to challenge Quests: 「Caught in the Act」

Drop rates have a color to illustrate their accuracy depending on the number of drop reports:
Red: inaccurate (less than 100 reports), Orange: somewhat accurate (100~1000 reports), Blue: accurate (more than 1000 reports)


Cards marked with a green circle are always in this NPC's deck.


No tips for this NPC (yet).

Liz 25th November, 2021 @ 08:06 pm

6W/14D/18L: 3 Archaeronis, 1 Gibrillont

Semi 24th November, 2021 @ 07:51 pm

FINALLY, i cant even count the amount of games, wins, losses, draws, but finally got both cards, i never want to see this.. this... -does frustration face- WOMAN again...

MightyGodzilla 23rd November, 2021 @ 08:21 pm

This is just unfair... i dont get why ff14 does this but i could win quiet nicely with Alpinaud,Levithian,pipin,raya and goldbert 8 Games 4 Wins 1 Archaeornis, 1 Gibrillont

Anonymous Player 21st November, 2021 @ 10:20 am

Cold Days, Colder Nights Brictt Foundation X: 13.2 Y: 12.5 => Caught in the Act Elaisse (X: 7.8 Y: 10.8) Elaisse's Trap located (X:6.6 Y:9.5) (X:6.1 Y:10.0) (X:6.8 Y:10.5) Counterfeit Coin->Osaulie->Bottomless Purse (X:13.6 Y:10.9) I hate subquest like this

Anonymous Player 21st November, 2021 @ 10:20 am

8 wins, 1 Archaeornis, 3 Gibrillont

Anonymous Player 16th November, 2021 @ 01:29 am

21 matches (W:15/D:3/L:3) Archaeornis => 4 Gibrillont => 1

Odah'sae 15th November, 2021 @ 07:31 am

5W - 3 Archaeornis, 1 Gibrillont

Anonymous Player 6th November, 2021 @ 07:30 am

80 losses and 43 wins later and I finally got both

Alec Beech 3rd November, 2021 @ 03:21 am

20 matches (W:12/D:7/L:1) Archaeornis => 5 Gibrillont => 1

Sylaann 30th October, 2021 @ 08:33 pm

Is it even winnable, chaos NPC with full 5 star hand -_-"

Dakusukai 25th October, 2021 @ 04:52 pm

14W: 8 Archaeornis, 1 Gibrillont

Tobril 22nd October, 2021 @ 03:06 pm

3 wins, 1 of each

Anonymous Player 17th October, 2021 @ 11:24 pm

11 Wins, 6 Arch 1 Gib

Anonymous Player 17th October, 2021 @ 06:44 pm

2 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses. 1 gib, 1 arch

tufubean 16th October, 2021 @ 07:40 am

브릭트(13.2,12.5) '생명의 온기' 에 이어지는 퀘스트와 엘레이스(7.8,10.7) '상인의 함정' 퀘스트 해야 열림

Grol Eisbern 13th October, 2021 @ 02:53 am

4 Wins, 1 Gibrillont, 2 Archaeornis

Grol Eisbern 13th October, 2021 @ 02:45 am

Note: She will NOT be available for TT matches if you have the quest "A Gentleman Falls, Rather than Flies" active in your quests. Once completed, Elaise will be available again.

Giveme Card 10th October, 2021 @ 04:48 am

3판 1 아르케오니스 1지브리웅 / 사용한카드 : 빛전(칠흑), 라무, 락슈미, 이프리트, 스사노오

Anonymous Player 27th September, 2021 @ 07:17 pm

just give a chaos npc 4 5 stars what could go wrong

Anonymous Player 27th September, 2021 @ 07:17 pm

just give a chaos npc 4 5 stars what could go wrong

Anonymous Player 27th September, 2021 @ 07:17 pm

just give a chaos npc 4 5 stars what could go wrong

Anonymous Player 27th September, 2021 @ 07:17 pm

just give a chaos npc 4 5 stars what could go wrong

Anonymous Player 27th September, 2021 @ 07:17 pm

just give a chaos npc 4 5 stars what could go wrong

Anonymous Player 27th September, 2021 @ 07:17 pm

just give a chaos npc 4 5 stars what could go wrong

Anonymous Player 27th September, 2021 @ 07:17 pm

just give a chaos npc 4 5 stars what could go wrong

Levirose 27th September, 2021 @ 02:37 pm

5W: 1Archaeornis 1 Gibrillont

Lorelei 25th September, 2021 @ 05:35 pm

3W, 1 Archaeornia, 1 Gillbront

Aspen 23rd September, 2021 @ 10:23 pm

4W: 1 Archaeornis, 1 Gibrillont

yuri 21st September, 2021 @ 12:49 pm

9W get Archaeonis

Anonymous Player 19th September, 2021 @ 11:06 pm

8W: 2 gibrilont, 1 achaeornis

darth_derpius 19th September, 2021 @ 10:40 am

I got them both pretty quick using Tataru, godbert, thancred, HW yshtola, and Merlwyb

jcap511 13th September, 2021 @ 07:07 am

14W. 5D, 9L: 5 Achaeornis, 1 Gibriliont

Anonymous Player 12th September, 2021 @ 06:43 pm

6W: 1 Archaeornis, 1 Gribillont

Fistodoom 6th September, 2021 @ 11:25 pm

4W: 1 Arch, 1 Gib

Himbottom 1st September, 2021 @ 02:33 am

7 Wins, 2 Archaeornis, Gibriliont

Anonymous Player 25th August, 2021 @ 04:58 pm

10 wins for one of each card.

lakylog 21st August, 2021 @ 11:54 am

2 Wins: 1 Archaeornis, 1 Gibrillont

Mauricio Dubon 16th August, 2021 @ 01:26 am

142 wins... finally got Archaeornis

Anonymous Player 15th August, 2021 @ 12:10 pm

2 Tries total, got both cards. She's not as hard as she used to be

ochocho 14th August, 2021 @ 09:50 pm

6 WINS, 4 DRAWS, 5 LOSSES: 1 Gibrillont, 1 Archaeornis. When Chaos wants your booty, there's not much you can do.

Anonymous Player 13th August, 2021 @ 07:10 pm

8 win, 4 Gibrillont, 1 Archaeornis

Anonymous Player 13th August, 2021 @ 12:45 am

Biggest cunt in the game how the fuck I supposed to win against that granny bitch whatever I set, she capture it wtf

Morcar Godivasch 9th August, 2021 @ 04:34 pm

8W, 1 Archaeornis, 2 Gibrillont

Tez The Potato 31st July, 2021 @ 11:01 am

26 Wins, 20 Draws, 25 Losses and 3 hours later, I finally got Gibrillont. Unlike most everyone here, I had received 10 copies of Archaeornis before I saw Gib. I used the aforementioned deck of Regula van Hydrus, Leviathan, Pipin Tarupin, Raya-O-Senna&A-Rhun-Senna and Godbert Manderville. Good luck. Maybe I'm just bad at plus. /shrug

Anonymous Player 31st July, 2021 @ 09:28 am

9 Wins, 2 Gibrillont, 1 Archaeornis

Anonymous Player 31st July, 2021 @ 09:04 am

7 wins. 4 archaeornis, 1 gibrillont Deck: Lucia Goe Junius, Raya-O-Senna & A-Ruhn-Senna, Noctis, Ysayle, Hancock

KamoriKiryu 31st July, 2021 @ 08:03 am

11W 1D 2L, 1 of each

Anonymous Player 30th July, 2021 @ 08:22 pm

For those doing the quest, the location of the robber is at 13.6, 10.9

Oliverone 26th July, 2021 @ 04:12 pm

9 W: 3 Gibrillont and 1 Archaeornis

Anonymous Player 25th July, 2021 @ 07:27 am

5 wins, 0 losses, 2 draws This is actually fairly easy if you just abuse the plus rule, like others have said, if you use a meta deck with 8's in the corners you're gonna lose a lot. I used Regulus Van Hydrus, Leviathan, Pipin Taurpin, Raya&A-Ruhn, and Godbert Manderville.

Anonymous Player 23rd July, 2021 @ 09:37 pm

Found success with the suggested deck below: F'lhammin, the Griffin, Noctis, Ysayle and Lucia. However subbed Onion Night for Noctis as I don't have Noctis. If you don't have a good flip play a bait card and it usually falls into good plus or easy flips at the end. Went from mostly losses to wins/draws, in about a dozen wins got 3 Gib and 1 Arch

Anonymous Player 23rd July, 2021 @ 07:14 pm

Gib dropped first match

Anonymous Player 18th July, 2021 @ 11:08 pm

5 wins: 1 archae, 1 gib

Anonymous Player 17th July, 2021 @ 07:29 pm

8 wins 1 archaeornis and 2 gilrillont

Anonymous Player 13th July, 2021 @ 01:39 am

43 wins, 12 draws and a bunch of losses 11x Gibrillont and 1x Archaeornis

Umi 11th July, 2021 @ 09:12 am

2 wins, 1 Gibrillont, 1 Archaeornis

Anonymous Player 9th July, 2021 @ 08:08 am

3W 2D, Gibrillont on 1st and Archaeornis on last

Makil 7th July, 2021 @ 10:25 pm

5 Wins: 3 Archaeornis, 1 Gibrillont

Anonymous Player 7th July, 2021 @ 07:44 pm

8W, 5 gibrillont, 1 archaeornis

Hikarikano 5th July, 2021 @ 01:56 pm

2W, 1L, got both the cards and probably used up my luck for life. I used the deck suggested the anon on May 28th - F'lhammin, the Griffin, Noctis, Ysayle and Lucia.

Anonymous Player 30th June, 2021 @ 03:11 pm

3-4-2 both cards

Elyika 29th June, 2021 @ 02:31 pm

10W-4D-9L-- 1Gib, 1Archaeornis

Anonymous Player 26th June, 2021 @ 04:07 pm

4W 1D 2L to get both of the cards. You just have to get lucky and play a good game when she's got both Dragon and Hilda.

zdavader 20th June, 2021 @ 03:02 pm

3 Win 1 Draw - 2 Arch, 1 Gib Used Storge, Qitian Dansheng, The Griffin, Hilda and Onion Knight

Anonymous Player 20th June, 2021 @ 05:57 am

3-0-0 for each card

Victor Spoils 13th June, 2021 @ 03:39 am

24 wins, 20 draws, 21 losses, 10 Gibrillonts, 1 Archaeornis. Facing three 5* cards with Chaos still wasn’t as big of a hurdle as the drop rate. Took about 70 minutes with some idle time included. Rate of success was roughly the same between a recommended deck and a custom Plus deck.

Anonymous Player 11th June, 2021 @ 05:20 am

God bless the anon who suggested the 6s strat, got both cards in 18 minutes

Anonymous Player 8th June, 2021 @ 06:32 pm

9 wins, 1 Archaeornis and 1 Gibrillont

Anonymous Player 8th June, 2021 @ 01:21 am

fire the dumbasses that ever thought chaos was fun

Anonymous Player 29th May, 2021 @ 03:41 pm

87 games, only 25 wins ,3 archaeornis 1 gibrillont

Anonymous Player 29th May, 2021 @ 11:26 am

I really want to know what idiot at SE thought it would be "fun" to allow an npc to have 4 5 star cards, then not even allow the player to choose what cards they play.

Anonymous Player 28th May, 2021 @ 06:52 pm

7 win 3 archaeornis 1 gibrillont

Shamsiel 28th May, 2021 @ 03:18 pm

I've read a lot of crying about this bitch, really. The Scions deck works just fine, her cards are insane, cant deny that, but most of them have very weak sides and the chaos rule can work on your side too. At the end of the day, is just a matter of patience more than skill with this one.

Anonymous Player 28th May, 2021 @ 02:06 am

Shes not the worst Chaos user NPC ive fought but can be annoying if u dont make use of Plus rule. Deck I used was F'lhaminn, Ysayle, Lucia, Noctis, and The Griffin. didnt win every game but was able to get both cards in less than 30 mins. Chaos sucks and if ur getting mad at the game go do something else and try later

High Roller Smurf Smurf 27th May, 2021 @ 05:43 am

27 games, 7 wins, 5 Gibrillont 1 Archaeornis, never talking to this lady again

Panda 26th May, 2021 @ 04:04 pm

Screw this one. Managed 3 wins and thank god she dropped both. Eff chaos and plus together.

runekaster 21st May, 2021 @ 10:32 pm

1 win, 1 Archaeornis

groggydog 20th May, 2021 @ 03:07 pm

Complete the quest "Cold Days, Colder Nights" then complete Elaisse's quest to unlock her

Anonymous Player 1st May, 2021 @ 04:47 pm

8 W : 2 Gribrillont, 1 Archaeornis

Tata 24th April, 2021 @ 08:35 pm

5 wins: 1x Archaeornis, 1 Gibrillont

TwiceBaked 24th April, 2021 @ 01:37 pm

Archaeornis in 4 wins. If you happen to not see her playable even with prerequisites, check your journal for leatherworker quests and complete/abandon them to make her playable. Took me forever to figure that out so hopefully helps someone else.

Algis Othal 18th April, 2021 @ 05:05 pm

9 Wins: 3 gibrillont, 1 archaeornis

lorx 17th April, 2021 @ 04:20 am

7w, 22d, 20l —— 2gibrillont, 1archaeornis

Joan 16th April, 2021 @ 11:20 am

I only ever gotten far baiting her with an easy flip in the middle.

Qasha'li Relennah 16th April, 2021 @ 09:51 am

6 W 5 D 1 L = 1 Archaeornis and 1 Gibrillont

Kaede 7th April, 2021 @ 08:30 pm

26 losses; 36 Wins; 18 Draws. 3 Gibrillont. 1 Archaeornis. Whoever said her drop rate was decent was talking out of their a**

Anonymous Player 31st March, 2021 @ 10:33 pm

Just to add. She is actually not that difficult if you really exploit the Plus rule. And it seems she drops quickly.

Anonymous Player 31st March, 2021 @ 10:31 pm

8 Wins, 3 Draws, 2 Losses. Gibrillont on win 6 and Archaeo is on win 8. Deck I used: Godbert Manderville, Alpha, Kraken, Progenitors, Therion. Didn't really use Therion for Plus but was useful to sometimes just flip cards. But your aim is to play the plusses. So cards with lots of dame numbers in different positions help a lot. Would likely change Therion to something with more 6s to match the rest of the deck better.

lglahn 21st March, 2021 @ 02:31 am

17 wins 1 Gibrillont 4 Archaeornis

Lumine 12th March, 2021 @ 02:03 pm

Got both cards after 9wins x)

Anonymous Player 17th February, 2021 @ 05:42 pm

I tried Alyssa's deck recommendation and didn't get very far, but the anonymous from Aug 18 saw me to victory with Seiryu, Byakko, Seeker of Solitude, Godbert, and Sophia. Total spread was: 21 wins, 19 draws, 27 losses. 2 Archaeornis, 1 Gibrillont. I'm so glad to be done with this *&$#*&(.

Anonymous Player 12th February, 2021 @ 10:00 pm

25W 18L 22D //// 3Gibrillont, 1 Archaeornis.

Anonymous Player 3rd February, 2021 @ 05:13 pm


Htamer109 1st November, 2020 @ 05:57 am

27 Wins and a bunch of losses and draws but here are the results - 1x Gibrillont and 1x Archaeornis. Good luck with this one guys...

Mali 23rd October, 2020 @ 04:58 am

18 W, 4 Gibrillont, 1 Archaeornis

EricARR 3rd October, 2020 @ 02:33 am

Seriously, unless you're a completionist skip this one. 20W, 13D, 7L. 50% win rate, 2 Gillbront, 1 Archaonis. A corners deck is worthless here- she simply has too many good cards. You have to play the plusses. I used a recommended deck that included a lot of 7/8s, and I won about half the time. Check for plusses with every card you play- they happen a lot more than you'd expect with the right deck. Place your first card in the middle as bait to increase your number of 'Plus' actions.

Anonymous Player 25th September, 2020 @ 07:26 am

Don't bother with her unless you are planning for achievements. The cards she drops isnt worth the hassle.

Lolhsan 18th September, 2020 @ 08:03 pm

27 Games 8W/3L/16D. Got both cards in 8 wins just like the person below me. And like lots of other people said. She is frustrating to play. She is just a straight up cheater and the Chaos rule makes this more of a slot machine game than a card game. It wasn't fun but the only saving grace is it seems she isn't stingy with the cards when you finally beat her.

Chi 16th September, 2020 @ 06:23 pm

8 wins, got both cards

CardBegger 27th August, 2020 @ 04:04 am

22 wins, 4 Gibrillont on 1st, 4th, 14th, and 18th and Archaeornis on the 22nd. Holy hell this NPC is by far the hardest in terms of Win ratios. thank god it drops so soon. Not amusing at all plying against 3 5*

Nerdigans 19th August, 2020 @ 03:49 am

6 W, 3 L, 2 T; 1 of each; Got archaeornis in 3 (33%) and gibrillont in 6 (16.67%)

Anonymous Player 18th August, 2020 @ 05:36 pm

Once I changed up my deck to mostly even cards to draw out the plus (Seiryu, Byakko, Seeker of Solitude, Sophia, and Godbert Manderville) I won 1 of each card in 7 games via 5 wins and 2 draws. For me, drawing out the plus was done by putting a card in the middle on turn ~3 (when 2 or 3 cards were on the board). She seemingly doesn't play with any strategy, just her big numbers, which was fortunately easy to counter in this case.

Anonymous Player 9th August, 2020 @ 06:08 am

4 wins, one of each. Not an easy npc as her cards are just better than yours, and chaos prevents you from taking advantage of weak plays.

Dauphin 2nd August, 2020 @ 06:35 am

16 wins, 2 gibrillont and 1 archaeornis.

Tkx 8th June, 2020 @ 03:32 am

If you have a Leatherworker job quest active, she might not be available despite meeting the requirements.

Anonymous Player 6th June, 2020 @ 02:06 am

40 goddamn wins. 4 gibrillont, 1 stupid lizard on the last game

Anonymous Player 9th May, 2020 @ 10:51 pm

11 wins for 2 Gibrillont, 1 Archaeornis

Anonymous Player 8th May, 2020 @ 05:07 pm

Out of all the fucking cheaters in the game this is the only one to rob me of 10k MGP and still give no cards at all. This bitch can stay living on the streets

Anonymous Player 1st May, 2020 @ 04:35 pm

11 wins in 35 tries, got Arch

Alyssa Margrave 18th April, 2020 @ 04:24 pm

Alright, so: she's pretty much the hardest NPC I've played so far, because of the stupid strong cards and Chaos rule. She's borderline immune to the usual 8/8 decks (Hilda, Estinien, etc) because she wins with sheer numbers and the Chaos rule doesn't let you properly abuse her weak points. You basically have to abuse the Plus rule to beat her consistently, and for that you want a lot of cards that aren't that strong (which doesn't matter, she's going to capture you with As most of the time anyway) but have similar numbers on all sides to bait Plus matches. With [Brendt, Brennan & Bremondt], [Pipin Tarupin], [Shantotto], [Mistbeard] and [Julian Manderville] I got three straight wins, for 2 Archaeornis and 1 Gibrillont.

Anonymous Player 2nd April, 2020 @ 04:16 am

3 games. 2 wins. Got both cards

joway5 29th March, 2020 @ 11:14 pm

7 wins, 1 arch, 1 gib

Bomtoro 10th March, 2020 @ 09:14 pm

15 wins, 29 losses (kinda embarassing but she's a cheater!), 12 draws, 1 Gib, 1 Arch

lstratt82 10th February, 2020 @ 02:46 am

9 wins, 2 gibs, 1 arch. Between those wins was a streak of draws and some losses. My deck (seeker of solitude, quitian dashang, hilda, ysayle, and kurnai/hisui) won pretty consistently just by covering my cards' weak sides and keeping an eye out for random plus opportunities. Thanks to chaos, intentionally setting up for plus almost never worked lol.

lightingale 5th January, 2020 @ 08:05 pm

I got incredibly lucky with this one. 3 wins, 1 loss, got both cards. I used the default "recommended" deck which consisted of Seeker of Solitude, Storge, Eros, Titania, and Noctis.

Anonymous Player 26th December, 2019 @ 12:38 pm

ive never wanted to strangle a bitch so bad in my entire life, dont waste ur time here

Anonymous Player 7th December, 2019 @ 09:56 pm

Wonder what went through the head of the person that choose the cards to this npc. I would love to know that.

Anonymous Player 26th October, 2019 @ 07:52 pm

12 Wins for one of each

Toukai 16th September, 2019 @ 07:33 am

This chick is INSANE! Who let her have 4 5-Star Cards in her deck?! Lost count with my losses and draws but.. Wins 33 Gibrillont 4 Archaeornis 1

Anonymous Player 12th September, 2019 @ 09:46 pm

I hate npcs like this. Chaos is by far the worst rule set in the game. Thankfully the drop chance isnt that bad.

Anonymous Player 9th September, 2019 @ 05:11 pm

19 wins, 1 Archaeonis and 1 Gibrillont.

machin3 21st August, 2019 @ 12:17 pm

oh my god, what a hatred. But i have to say i got both cards once after a few "wins" .. 8 wins 9 Draws 14 losses u see not a good win ratio, i used an recommendet auto build: Griffin, Haurchefont, Hilda, Ysayle and Sqall

Anonymous Player 12th August, 2019 @ 10:31 pm

I fucking hate this NPC bullshit chaos rule. Not fun. Also, don't listen to Reystrat below, given the randomness of the chaos rule. Adding a mandagora to your deck will NOT work. Took me 19 wins, 3 Archaeornis, 1 Gibrillont

Anonymous Player 12th August, 2019 @ 10:31 pm

I fucking hate this NPC bullshit chaos rule. Not fun. Also, don't listen to Reystrat below, given the randomness of the chaos rule. Adding a mandagora to your deck will NOT work. Took me 19 wins, 3 Archaeornis, 1 Gibrillont

Anonymous Player 6th August, 2019 @ 07:20 pm

I had an easy time with her. 22 matches for both Archaeornis and Gibrillont. Specifically that's 12 wins, 5 draws, 5 losses for 3xGibrillont and 1xArchaeornis. Deck used was Storge, Qitian Dansheng, The Griffin, Hilda, and Hisui & Kurenai.

Reystrat 13th July, 2019 @ 09:56 am

Pretty cool win rate with this deck : Regula Van Hydrus, Edmont Fortemps , mandragora (for plus rule), and complete with some cards with 8/7 like Thancred, Y'shtola...

Anonymous Player 14th June, 2019 @ 05:24 pm

I had a decent win rate (not every time but still high) with the following deck: Hisui & Kurenai, Asahi Sus Brutus, The Griffin, Tioman, Lupin

Anonymous Player 12th June, 2019 @ 07:40 pm

This NPC is a solid proof that SQEX is brainless on how to make fun game. They are too stupid to make TT mini game more challenging except CHEATING on player. Do not waste time on this shitty game.

Anonymous Player 2nd April, 2019 @ 03:20 pm

35 wins 6 Gibrillont 1 Archaeornis. did it with a corner deck it was a bad idea win ratio was 1 every 5 games.

AureNocture 2nd April, 2019 @ 03:19 pm

I mean sure, let me create a Deck with 4 5* Cards and see who wins. I been playing with her all day and about 50/50 Win-Rate. No drop yet.

Yesui 22nd December, 2018 @ 02:00 am

27 wins, 10 draws, 22 losses to get Gibrillon x3 & Archeornis. Pick a deck that can trigger Plus between Merlwyb & Raubahn on the top line for example, or between Merlwyb & Kan-E Senna on the left (Mandragora can do both, for the record)

Icarus 21st November, 2018 @ 12:51 am

Time: 2:00PM - 6:00AM

Anonymous Player 13th October, 2018 @ 08:32 pm

2 wins, 1 Gibrillont, 1 Archaeornis Card. They make less rare maybe?

snoogz 1st September, 2018 @ 09:04 pm

By far the most painful NPC I've ever faced. 32 wins, 30 losses, 26 draws. 5 Gibrillont, 1 Archaeornis. This cheating hooer can go to hell.

juristriad 25th June, 2018 @ 06:17 pm

This one was decidedly un-fun. But, I found a fairly decent win/loss with: Chimera, Gerolt, Ramuh, Mother Mio, and Ultros and Ty. Good luck.

Anonymous Player 8th May, 2018 @ 02:30 pm

Triple Triad? If I could I'd switch between classes: DRK --> chop the head off this cheating piece of shit --> SCH --> resurrect --> DRK --> kill it again --> repeat until satisfied (= probably never)

Anonymous Player 25th March, 2018 @ 10:36 pm

So sick of those fucking cheating npcs in the game !!!! How come they can have a deck with 3 5-star cards when we can ONLY have one in our deck !!! That's what I call CHETAING !!!!

Anonymous Player 20th March, 2018 @ 05:14 pm

32 games, 14 wins, 2x Archeornis and 1x Gibrillont

TriadCollector 7th March, 2018 @ 01:52 pm

Nearly impossible to win against. 15 rounds and have yet to beat her once. This ruleset makes her unbeatable. The perfect example of cheating NPC. Chaos does not hurt the NPC when they are allowed multiple high level cards with little weaknesses, and any weakness you could exploit you can't target becasue chaos forces you to a random card. Then with the plus rule they will constantly activate to steal cards and you cannot get them back. If they flip one card, it's over. A broken mess of a game.

Anonymous Player 23rd February, 2018 @ 05:14 pm

1 win 1 gibrillont

Level requirement for quests. 9th July, 2017 @ 12:51 pm

「Caught in the Act」 Level 56 quest part of a chain starting with 「Cold Days, Colder Nights」 Level 50 by Brictt Foundation -The Brume (13.3-12.5) .

Leprkan 5th June, 2017 @ 12:47 am

Strike that, got it. 2 similar quests, thought I'd already done the one that unlocked her, but it was for the other masks.

Leprkan 4th June, 2017 @ 01:22 pm

Time is not correct. :(

Anonymous Player 23rd August, 2016 @ 03:35 am

7 wins - 2 Archaeornis and 1 Gibrillont

Anonymous Player 10th June, 2016 @ 05:01 am

23 wins for 1 Gibrillont.

Anonymous Player 14th March, 2016 @ 08:24 am

Prerequisite: Finish the quest 'Caught in the act'

Anonymous Player 29th January, 2016 @ 12:08 pm

2:40am ET and can't challenge her.

Anonymous Player 3rd December, 2015 @ 02:18 am

I don't think this time is correct. 2:30AM ET and can't play her.
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