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The Dravanian Forelands (31, 22)

Cost Reward
30 124 (Win)
49 (Draw)
18 (Lose)
Rules Level
Reverse, Plus 8
Potential reward
Conditions to challenge Quests: 「Gifts for the Outcasts」

Drop rates have a color to illustrate their accuracy depending on the number of drop reports:
Red: inaccurate (less than 100 reports), Orange: somewhat accurate (100~1000 reports), Blue: accurate (more than 1000 reports)


Cards marked with a green circle are always in this NPC's deck.


No tips for this NPC (yet).

Tata 27th April, 2021 @ 12:35 am

1 Win: 1 Ysayle card

chong zhang 14th April, 2021 @ 04:41 pm

8wins, 1 Ysayle

Zero Dragonheart 4th April, 2021 @ 08:20 pm

6 wins, 1 Ysayle Card. very easy npc.

Alice Meh 3rd April, 2021 @ 03:39 pm

Got after 11 wins / 6 losses / 1 draw using the Moogle, Gaelicat, Amalj'aa, Flower Basket, and Tonberry cards Scarlet recommended

Reks 2nd April, 2021 @ 07:19 pm

18 wins, 2 draws, 10 losses. Dropped on the 18th win thankfully, this NPC is a pain!

Anonymous Player 1st April, 2021 @ 05:40 am

6 wins, card at last one.

Anonymous Player 29th March, 2021 @ 02:22 pm

2 games and i get the card

Rangda 7th March, 2021 @ 10:41 pm

11 W / 2 D / 5 L, 1 Ysayle.

Mazzi Deathcaller 26th February, 2021 @ 03:28 pm

got her after 2 wins, used the deck Scarlet Nightdreamer said to, EXCEPT switched Flower Basket with Tataru Taru. put Amalj’aa and Gaelicat in TL and BR, and played by ear there.

Scarlet Nightdreamer 13th February, 2021 @ 06:37 am

Got her after around 5 games when I settled on a deck. I tried the decks listed below, but I had my most consistent results with a deck that had the Moogle, Gaelicat, Amalj'aa, Flower Basket, and Tonberry cards. Take TL and BR corners with your Gaelicat and Amalj'aa cards and then play smart from there and he's easy to beat.

Lilitc 4th February, 2021 @ 01:50 pm

8 Wins For Ysayle

Bami 27th January, 2021 @ 01:42 pm

25 wins until card

Anonymous Player 5th January, 2021 @ 02:58 am

15W, 1 Ysayle

Sabora Makingai 1st January, 2021 @ 01:51 pm

Person below me has it right. W: 38 D: 14 L: 18 x1 Ysayle cards just make sure you put those cards in order and position 5 and 8 are key to flipping the opponents cards for the win on turns 4 and 5

jerrypie 29th December, 2020 @ 04:55 am

4W, Ysayle @ last. Anon posted the perfect strategy 7 comments down below. Check it out.

Anonymous Player 13th December, 2020 @ 08:02 pm

6 wins for Ysayle

Bruce Xu 1st December, 2020 @ 08:57 pm

13W6L before dropping

Anonymous Player 18th November, 2020 @ 08:51 pm

got ysayle after 4 wins

Htamer109 4th November, 2020 @ 04:22 am

Took me 21 wins using : "Moogle 7, Galicat 1, Amal'ja 6, Sabotour either 8 or 5 (put it above/below opposing sabotour), Morbol 2. Won almost every game with this strategy."

Anonymous Player 3rd November, 2020 @ 10:22 am

Received on 2nd win

Anonymous Player 4th October, 2020 @ 12:10 am

anonymous under me has the perfect deck and strat, easy wins almost every time.

Anonymous Player 2nd September, 2020 @ 11:18 pm

Moogle 7, Galicat 1, Amal'ja 6, Sabotour either 8 or 5 (put it above/below opposing sabotour), Morbol 2. Won almost every game with this strategy. Card dropped after 5 (4 wins/ 1 loss) games.

Caoliano 30th August, 2020 @ 09:00 am

9W, 8D, 2L for card

Anonymous Player 28th August, 2020 @ 11:40 am

32 wins. he can be quite tricky but does occasionally throw the game.

CardBegger 17th August, 2020 @ 06:07 pm

2 wins to get the card. I guess today was my lucky day or something

SlyCooperFan1 15th August, 2020 @ 07:25 am

Alma's deck and method works! Wasn't 100% win rate, but I may not be that well-versed in the game. Card dropped after 22 wins.

Anonymous Player 6th July, 2020 @ 01:01 am

Dropped after 23 wins.

Anonymous Player 27th June, 2020 @ 02:29 pm

I got the card after 30 wins

Anonymous Player 11th June, 2020 @ 05:17 pm

14 wins 1 Ysale,using Moogle, Galiecag, Amal'ja, Chocobo, Tonberry

Soren_Shepard 2nd June, 2020 @ 03:59 am

The deck Alma listed worked for me, 3 wins after using it and got Ysale on the 3rd.

Skarthil 19th May, 2020 @ 10:42 pm

18 wins to get Ysayle

Anonymous Player 15th May, 2020 @ 03:31 am

got ysayle on my 12th win

Anonymous Player 8th May, 2020 @ 01:28 am

Found incredible success with Moogle, Galiecat, Amal'ja, Morbol and Cactuar. Playing Moogle at 7 near enough wins you the game outright. What feels like 9/10 of my games are either me with with: Moogle 7, Gali 4 (M), Gali 1, Amal 9 (M), Amal 6, Ysale/Shiva/Cactuar at 5 (M), Morbol 8 (Flips 9, 6, 5, 4), Whatever he hasn't played in 2 or 3, Cactuar in 2 or 3. Don't really need Cactuar, it's the 4 cards before it. You could swap out Morbol and Cactuar for any other equal E/W values, they're there to flip at 8. occasionally he'll play something difference like putting a random Cactuar at 2 after your Gali but you can't lose.

Dandy Star 28th April, 2020 @ 04:26 am

This guy is a giant tool.

Satori 13th March, 2020 @ 02:30 am

3wins , 1 lose , 1 Ysayle I used : Gaelicat,Chocobo,Mogry,Amalj'aa,Colibiri

Bomtoro 8th March, 2020 @ 03:06 pm

38 wins, 16 losses, 5 draws, 4 gaelicats, 1 Ysayle

Anonymous Player 3rd March, 2020 @ 12:54 pm

21 wins and 1 Ysale

Yara 21st January, 2020 @ 10:54 pm

I used Galiecat, Tataru, Amaljaa, Tonberry, and Lord and Lady Chai. The key was basically making him plus combo himself. I would have Galiecat and Tataru as the first and second cards in the first column. His AI likes the place the Galiecat in the top left so sometimes it was his card, sometimes mine. Then I would have either Amaljaa (his or mine) in the middle spot-bottom row. He then likes to put his cactuar dead center, allowing me to put the Tonberry bottom left, leading to a plus combo. I basically fought him so many times I had to take advantage of his AI quirks :shrug:

Anonymous Player 20th January, 2020 @ 10:01 am

8 wins to get ysayle

BlueMayje 20th January, 2020 @ 06:22 am

My most winning deck to beat this guy was Gaelicat, Sabotender, Amalj'aa, Chocobo, and Yugiri.

BlueMayje 20th January, 2020 @ 06:09 am

This guy is the uncontested master of managing to pull a plus out of his ass when it really matters. Usually it'll come from his Yugiri or Shiva cards.

Kyuuso 14th January, 2020 @ 04:09 pm

16wins, 2 ysayle, in the last 3

Anonymous Player 6th November, 2019 @ 04:31 am

Got Ysayle on 12th win

Anonymous Player 20th October, 2019 @ 01:20 pm

5 wins for me for Iceheart drop.

Anonymous Player 18th September, 2019 @ 11:54 pm

14 Wins: 1 Ysayle

Cinder 16th September, 2019 @ 05:15 am

12 wins, 5 ties, 12 losses and got Ysayle

Eriqote 23rd August, 2019 @ 07:32 am

4 Wins: Ysayle x1

machin3 16th August, 2019 @ 05:58 pm

17 wins some losses for Ysayle. I played right after the recommendation of Yesui and it was exactly like he said. Way better than my trys before. thx

Anonymous Player 11th August, 2019 @ 12:39 am

10 wins for Ysayle. Plus rule makes this a real pain in the ass

TacTican 16th May, 2019 @ 09:50 am

Since he always runs Amal'jaa and Gaelicat, you can run your own Amal'jaa and Gaelicat with two more low cards that have 1's and fill up the board with 1's, then exploit Plus by using a card with identical omnidirectional numbers like Fat Chocobo or Brute Justice to combo the hell out of him.

kuhnkuhn 13th April, 2019 @ 09:09 pm

I hate this NPC so much. The Plus rule with Reverse and his deck is such a pain. 20 wins and no card

Anonymous Player 8th April, 2019 @ 02:34 pm

I don't understand how Alma is getting 100% winrate with that deck. It's been garbage for me. 15 rounds, 1 win.

Aure Nocture 3rd April, 2019 @ 06:58 pm

5 Wins, 1 Losses, 6 Draws: 1 Ysayle,

Alma 19th February, 2019 @ 06:11 am

100% winrate over 30+ games using Tonberry, Gaelicat, Colibri, Amal'jaa, Chimera. Most games he will drop Amal'jaa or Gaelicat in BR or TL respectively. Answer with your own Gaeli/Amal leaving the TR corner open. He will try to Plus you using Sabotender or Yugiri, and you answer with Plus using Chimera.

Yesui 18th December, 2018 @ 01:31 am

34 wins/43 games to get Ysayle. I played with Amal'jaa, Gaelicat, Colibri, Chocobo, Mog. A common game (happened about 15 times) was blue start, putting Amal'jaa BR. He then put his Amal'jaa above. Complete the column with Chocobo, so that he puts Gaelicat on the Top Left - allowing a Plus to trigger with Colibri. After that, it was a matter of avoiding a situation where Yugiri could trigger a plus for her.

Anonymous Player 28th April, 2018 @ 03:34 pm

Yeah the plus rule can really be a pain in the ass here, especially with his Good King Mog and Sabotender card

TriadCollector 7th March, 2018 @ 01:37 pm

Would have been easier if the plus rule wasn't there to cheat you out of wins. Otherwise reverse is one of the better static rules to play against. At least he dropped the card after 7 wins.

Geraru 8th October, 2017 @ 06:52 pm

You also need to have "Smarter than the Average Beast" sidequest done.

Joey 27th August, 2017 @ 08:15 am

Beat him once, got Ysayle

Leprkan 29th July, 2017 @ 07:38 pm

3 Wins got Ysayle

Level requirement for quests 9th July, 2017 @ 12:56 pm

「Gifts for the Outcasts」 Level 52 MSQ.

GT 13th July, 2016 @ 07:19 am

He also can play King Moggle Mog XII. On a side note, probably the best example to point to when calling for the Random rule to actually impact NPCs. He was clearly designed to be as annoying as possible.

Zennith Eastwind 6th April, 2016 @ 01:11 pm

Played him at 57 cards (dodged that bullet), but I'm going to need a crowbar to unclench my teeth.

Edre Lyria 10th March, 2016 @ 02:19 am

21 victories to get Ysayle.

Anonymous Player 8th March, 2016 @ 02:21 am

I'd suggest coming here before getting unlocking the 60 card achievement. This'll help limit the strength of your cards that Random can give you.

McFly 19th July, 2015 @ 01:50 pm

I've played him at 8:20 pm, so your current start date is wrong.

Killarney 10th July, 2015 @ 02:39 pm

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