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A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game


Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (8, 8)

Cost Reward
30 53 (Win)
21 (Draw)
7 (Lose)
Rules Level
Potential reward
Conditions to challenge Any of the following quests: 「Wood's Will Be Done」「Till Sea Swallows All」「For Coin and Country」


Cards marked with a green circle are always in this NPC's deck.


No tips for this NPC (yet).

Echoring 26th May, 2019 @ 09:29 am

217win-95draw-28lose Raubahn Aldynn 1 Alphinaud & Alisaie 8 Ifrit 24 Pipin Tarupin 11 EXTREMELY POOR LUCK,two dozens of ifrit, TWO DOZENS!

Echoring 26th May, 2019 @ 09:28 am

217win-95draw-28lose Raubahn Aldynn 1 Alphinaud & Alisaie 8 Ifrit 24 Pipin Tarupin 11 EXTREMELY POOR LUCK,two dozens of ifrit, TWO DOZENS!

Nyako Tan 25th May, 2019 @ 05:30 pm

I hate him

SlyCooperFan1 19th May, 2019 @ 07:38 pm

Four wins, I got Ifrit on the second and Alphinaud&Alisaie on the third. After trying 75 wins on Joellaut last night... I'll take it.

grumpyfox 19th May, 2019 @ 05:49 am

Whoops should have specified: a drop of Raubahn

grumpyfox 19th May, 2019 @ 05:31 am

Took me two and a half hours of continuous play to see a drop :< I had a pretty decent (approx 75%) win rate with Squall, Lucia, Hilda, Y'shtola and Ysale. Like TacTican said, just try to focus on building a strong right side of the board and should be pretty easy from there.

TacTican 15th May, 2019 @ 12:12 pm

Swift's strongest cards all tend to be most powerful either in their upper left or lower left corners, so a good way to beat him is to build up a blue wall on the right side of the board and squeeze him left. Using a deck of Nero tol Scaeva, Byakko, Provenance Watcher, Lucia goe Junius, and Terra Branford, I estimate my winrate around 85% - about as consistent as the Chaos rule allows.

Keizaron 12th May, 2019 @ 02:11 pm

*from the left side with a left 5+. Oops.

Keizaron 12th May, 2019 @ 02:10 pm

Keep in mind, he has NO way to beat any of your cards with a left 5+. Can work in some strategies that way.

AureNocture 3rd April, 2019 @ 08:22 am

~64 Games: Got 8 Pipin, 1 Alphi&Alisae, 8 Ifrit and 1 Raubahn. Byebye Swifty!

lifewithstrife 12th October, 2018 @ 08:35 pm

48 wins. 4 Pipin, 6 Ilfrit, 3 Alphinaud, and finally a Raubahn...

pegasus 1st September, 2018 @ 09:34 am

46 games played. 29 games won. 1 Raubahn. 1 Alphinaud. 1 Pipin. 3 Ifrit.

snoogz 1st September, 2018 @ 06:44 am

5 wins for Pipin

Ethiria 27th July, 2018 @ 05:08 pm

Okay this is getting super silly... I've won 3 Raubahns, 6 A&A, god knows how many Ifrits... and I'm still missing Pipin...

Ariane 15th May, 2018 @ 07:26 pm

Ok ! Got it after 4 more Ifrit, 7 more Alphinaud & Alisae and 2 more Pipin Tarupin. In the end, I got 12 Alphinaud & Alisae, 20 Ifrit, 8 Pipin Tarupin, about 4 000 MGP… and finally Raubahn !

Ariane 14th May, 2018 @ 10:18 pm

After more than 2 500 GSP won, 5 Alphinaud & Alisae, 15 Ifrit and 6 Pipin Tarupin, still no Raubahn Aldynn. Does anyone knows if I'm missing something in order to be able to get it ? Thanks ! ^^

Jordan 12th March, 2018 @ 04:49 am

I just got her lmao

Jordan 12th March, 2018 @ 04:43 am

I got Aldynn and everyone else but Pippin won't drop lmao

Asinametra 19th February, 2018 @ 01:07 pm

Swift's MGP settings are currently as follows, as of Patch 4.2: Match fee - 30 MGP; Win - 53 MGP (+23); Draw - 21 MGP (-9); Lose - 7 MGP (-23). Not only is he a stubborn jerk about giving up all 4 of his drop cards (I'm still waiting on a Raubahn...) but he also bleeds you of MGP while you're hoping Chaos rule cuts you some slack.

Odinnstorm 30th September, 2017 @ 05:50 pm

Swift is actually at x8.4, y8.9. This website has every location off. Haha

Leprkan 5th August, 2017 @ 07:07 am

6 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw got Raubahn Aldynn, 1 win got Alphinaud & Alisaie, 3 wins, 1 draw got Raubahn Aldynn. Only need Pipin now! :D

Leprkan 31st July, 2017 @ 07:46 pm

Ugh, for each window, no matter how many times I win, I don't get anything other than a single Ifrit card (if that) *sigh*

Level requirement for quests. 9th July, 2017 @ 01:16 pm

「Wood's Will Be Done」「Till Sea Swallows All」「For Coin and Country」 Level 20 MSQ.

MEGA 29th June, 2017 @ 12:13 am

Can confirm got Raubahn, Ifrit, and Alphinaud and alisaie. Took about 30 games to get those cards. Still need Pipin

Anonymous Player 6th March, 2017 @ 12:03 am

Stingy bastard. 4 windows and nothing but a single Pipin card.

Raksha Lionceaudor ( 1st May, 2016 @ 07:17 pm

Challengeable after "Back from the wood", maybe sooner.

ARR Triple Triad 16th June, 2015 @ 05:57 pm

Yes, they did nerf him. It's a joke now!

Karandrass Nevermore 16th June, 2015 @ 03:09 pm

Altogether I didn't have much trouble beating Swift (I believe they tamed him down). Just pull out your best cards and pray to Lord Bahamut for a useful draw from the 'Chaos' rule. Easy? No. Repetitive? Yes. Achievable? Certainly.
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