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Dear Triple Triad players,

Welcome to your Triple Triad resource for Final Fantasy XIV!
This website lists all available Triple Triad cards and will help you find them: achievements, dungeons, NPC drops, and more.

There is also a list of challengeable NPCs with their timer - if they have one - and cards they drop and play, with tips from the community.

I hope you'll enjoy your time on ARR: Triple Triad!

What's new?

18/02/2020 @ 08h45 GMT+1 | See this news on Facebook or Twitter

Hi everyone,

The website has been updated with 9 cards and 2 NPCs. Enjoy!

20/10/2019 @ 09h24 GMT+1 | See this news on Facebook or Twitter

Hi everyone,

Drop rates for packs have been added, and it took a while to update them with all the data from comments on the website and Discord, but it's done!
You might notice that Gold Triad Cards have a very good accuracy now (over 2800 reports!), and we have quite a lot of reports for Imperial Triad Cards too.

I still have a lot of things I want to improve/add on the website, but I don't always post on Facebook if it's only small things. If you're interested, you can always drop by on Discord.
Thanks for your continued support!

23/07/2019 @ 17h10 GMT+1 | See this news on Facebook or Twitter

Hi everyone, I need your help!

I'm thinking of making a drastic change to the website but I want to make sure this won't impact too many people in a negative way.

Long story short, when I added the account system at Stormblood, I kept the legacy system for people who didn't want to have an account on the website.
Problem is, it still brings issues where there should have none. I'm considering dropping the legacy system entirely, which means people without an account won't be able to track their cards/beaten NPCs anymore.
For me, it will be easier to maintain, and for users, no more data loss: if a card/NPC can't be saved, you'll be notified right away and you can always try later (or send me a message if it's really not working). It'll be easier to track bugs. Downside is, yes, you'll have to create an account, and if you lose your Internet connection, you'll have to wait until you get back online to manage your collection. But uh, I guess the latter isn't such a big deal.

I really have no idea how many people still use the website without an account, but I'd like your opinion, so I made a Google questionnaire.
Sorry, I never make it short xD Thanks for reading!

03/07/2019 @ 00h05 GMT+1 | See this news on Facebook or Twitter

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that all cards have been found, thanks for the help ^^
Of course, I still need to fill some information for the NPCs, but it can wait until I'm done with the story, right?

Also, I just made a Discord server (because why not?)
Here is the link if you wanna join! https://discord.gg/j7MU2MH
It's mostly for sharing information when new cards are released.

28/06/2019 @ 10h20 GMT+1 | See this news on Facebook or Twitter

Short news: cards and NPCs added! Beware of spoilers! If you find anything, please comment on the card/NPC, I'll update whenever I can. Enjoy the gaaaame~
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