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6 10 4 8
Rarity Card Type Sells for Values
Unknown - 1500 MGP 6・A・4・8
  • 希望ノ砲台:「塔」 — ?%

Drop rates have a color to illustrate their accuracy depending on the number of drop reports:
Red: inaccurate (less than 100 reports), Orange: somewhat accurate (100~1000 reports), Blue: accurate (more than 1000 reports)

Lucifer 6th March, 2023 @ 07:12 pm

And yet again one person got both cards

Lucifer 6th March, 2023 @ 07:12 pm

didnt get it this time either

Lucifer 6th March, 2023 @ 06:03 pm

I've done this raid 6 times now and haven't gotten the card yet. On my previous attempt someone literally got the first card and refused to give me the second...

AnnJu 17th January, 2023 @ 02:30 am

1 run = 1 card

Praedythis 28th August, 2022 @ 04:13 pm

25+ mins to queue for a 35+ minute run. All just to roll less than 35 every time. Lots of fun!

TripleSun 27th August, 2022 @ 10:07 pm

FINALLY got it today. All the time passed over for it

Anonymous Player 23rd August, 2022 @ 03:24 pm

6.2 has come and gone, no NPC added for this and the other two Nier cards. If they ever do add one, it won't be for awhile. Another several months of watching players roll Need on this only to sell it for less MGP than third prize on the daily cactpot...

Mirkino 17th July, 2022 @ 02:28 pm

please remove "Need" for players that alreeady own cards in RAID

Cen Kyne 1st May, 2022 @ 10:34 pm

It is likely that in 6.2, a triad NPC will be released to play the puppets cards for, as is the pattern in previous expansions. If you are collecting all cards, it is wise to go for these last, as it will be far less of a headache from an NPC down the line.

ioram 4th January, 2022 @ 05:09 am

last card i needed, happy to be done :')

Anonymous Player 31st August, 2021 @ 05:44 am

Can't get enough of 2B. Outstanding and beyond

Anonymous Player 19th August, 2021 @ 06:57 pm

I roll 98 for a card, but someone roll 99, this thing always happens

Mystial 13th August, 2021 @ 03:03 pm

Received 2x of this card my first run rolling need. If you run with a full group of FC mates, etc. you can get this pretty easily by discussing it first.

Anonymous Player 20th June, 2021 @ 08:38 am

They should have made cards for these sorts of duties that if you already have it you cannot roll for it again, its so unfair when some people can get all 3 when they dont even need them

Anonymous Player 11th June, 2021 @ 09:05 pm

At this rate my entire DC is gonna have the card before I do. I guess I'll have to give up.

Anonymous Player 25th April, 2021 @ 12:13 am

Real bitch to get. And some people somehow manage to get 2 in the same raid while I can't even get a single one after 15 runs and every other possible unique drop in my inventory :)

Juvam 21st April, 2021 @ 11:54 pm

Super hard to get this since the patch is so recent. People roll on it even if they don’t play TT. May your rolls be high!

Anonymous Player 19th April, 2021 @ 04:59 pm

I've lost 5 rolls of 98 for this card. The struggle is real.

Dae 18th April, 2021 @ 01:49 am

9 runs to roll the magical 99, one card left to go this patch.

Dae 17th April, 2021 @ 05:18 pm

So excited to get tilted trying to win rolls in an alliance raid again. ~8 runs so far and my highest roll was a 95 on a card so far which I of course lost to a 99.

Anonymous Player 14th April, 2021 @ 07:40 am

3 guarantee drops from Tower at Paradigm's Breach, but you're rolling against the whole alliance for it

Anonymous Player 13th April, 2021 @ 01:39 pm

In the Tower at Paradigm's Breach end coffers, three loots in total at the end.
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