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A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game


9 5 9 6
Rarity Card Type Sells for Values
Extremely rare 1500 MGP 9・5・9・6

Drop rates have a color to illustrate their accuracy depending on the number of drop reports:
Red: inaccurate (less than 100 reports), Orange: somewhat accurate (100~1000 reports), Blue: accurate (more than 1000 reports)

Raspberry Buttercream 30th October, 2020 @ 07:18 am

5 Win, 1 Bahamut!!! Kidding... The 5 wins are only just from today... More than 300 wins over the span of 5 months, finally! I hate you King Elmer III, time for us to say good bye!

Taya Tayuun 7th August, 2020 @ 07:27 am

Many other attempts across multiple days, but after another 26 wins tonight alone finally got him to drop.

Eli Keres 1st June, 2020 @ 02:33 pm

Plays: 48 | Wins: 12 | Draws: 4 | Losses: 32 | Bahamut: 1 | Godbert: 2 || Occasionally chose wrong deck and lost/draw. All wins were through the strategy shown above, or pure luck with the beginner deck(sleep deprivation is a thing, so I wasn't paying much attention if it wasn't going according to the strategy.)

Helios Geki 31st May, 2020 @ 06:13 am

64 Wins, 34 Draws, 38 Loss 47%win rate 25% draw rate 28% loss rate Total games played 136 7 Godbert, 1 Bahamut.

Anonymous Player 26th April, 2020 @ 10:11 am

Can you change the 2.97% drop chance please, if you see the comments this chance is not even near to the real drop chance

legumious 14th March, 2020 @ 04:24 am

I got it. After a little over 4 years and between 40 and 50 Godberts, I finally got it.

Anonymous Player 15th February, 2020 @ 07:59 pm

i'm starting to beleive there's something to the theory of the base starter deck with this: i was winning for well over an hour and change with him at least 1:3 ratio. then i swapped to using the base deck, lost four times, won once. i got bahamut on the one win.

Christopho 20th October, 2019 @ 07:44 am

BY FAR the most consistent win strat: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/4kdkoy/great_way_to_farm_king_elmer_to_get_your_bahamut/ I've tried 4 different decks and NOTHING is consistent as the above. Win ratio is near 100% and on the rare occasion a loss might happen, you can turn it into a draw. Just be aware that his numbering is based off the numpad. Also, if you ever hit a point where the path strays from what he puts, try to look at the bigger picture and you can probably still turn it into a win (end result is almost always putting Moogle at 1). Would highly recommend copy+pasting that list into google sheets/excel so you can view it on a separate monitor. Be warned that it still took me about 8-10 hours of farming to get Behemoth but I probably would have gotten it sooner if I employed this setup right away (only learned of this deck during my last 2 hours of farming).

Anonymous Player 13th August, 2019 @ 04:35 am

Spent 3 hours trying to get this with the starter deck. Probably won 50% of the time. Got 8 GM cards, but no Bahamut.

Pd G- 8th August, 2019 @ 06:28 am

14 Godbert Manderville's before Bahamut dropped. I must have won over 250 matches against Elmer. This simply isn't worth the time.

EpsilDelta 3rd August, 2019 @ 07:25 pm

170-180 wins

Anonymous Player 22nd July, 2019 @ 05:53 am

Took me 184 rounds to get this one

Anonymous Player 2nd May, 2019 @ 04:52 am

What’s T13??

Anonymous Player 9th September, 2018 @ 01:05 am

Can anyone confirm T13 drops? Haven't seen it but only run a few.

Azzy 6th August, 2018 @ 06:06 pm

5 wins

Pampa prika 12th February, 2017 @ 04:04 am

It's possible to loot this card on T13
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