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This website may have been my idea but it wouldn't have been what it is today without the help I received.

First, I want to thank Meryl Dayne (Moogle) for his support, for testing new features, correcting my broken English and help filling some cards drop rates.

A lot of people also sent me emails, or commented on Reddit or the official forum to give me more data, or correcting mistakes. But I'd like to thank some of them in particular: Noumo Tigriz (Shiva), Emerald Yrean (Moogle), Tetra Nova (Excalibur) and LevinDen, who sent me good advice by email, or messages I really appreciated. Some messages on Reddit really made me happy, but their authors should recognizing themselves :)

Thanks to everyone who shared the website in game, or on the Internet. I hope someday you will find everything you need on it and don't have to use anything else!

Also, thanks to Maeyria who translated the website into German.

And of course, thanks to you players who are using this website. I made it for you!

If you like it, feel free to spread the word. More people interested in my work means I'm even more motivated!

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