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A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game


9 5 9 6
Forgotten for millennia, the elder primal Bahamut was finally freed from his celestial prison Dalamud in the 1572nd year of the Sixth Astral Era through the machinations of the Garlean legatus Nael van Darnus. Unfettered at last, the dreadwyrm unleashed an endless rain of fire on the land, the destruction he wrought ushering in a dark age of death and suffering.
IG Order Card Type Sells for Values
217 1500 MGP 9・5・9・6

Anonymous Player 2nd May, 2019 @ 04:52 am

What’s T13??

Anonymous Player 9th September, 2018 @ 01:05 am

Can anyone confirm T13 drops? Haven't seen it but only run a few.

Azzy 6th August, 2018 @ 06:06 pm

5 wins

Pampa prika 12th February, 2017 @ 04:04 am

It's possible to loot this card on T13
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