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A Final Fantasy XIV mini-game

Hisui & Kurenai

10 2 7 9
“To prove my point, here is a quick test for you─look very closely and tell me: Am I Kurenai...or am I Hisui?”
IG Order Card Type Sells for Values
235 - 1500 MGP A・2・7・9
  • Isobe, The Ruby Sea (21.3, 19.5)

Sebastian Barros 30th January, 2018 @ 12:48 pm

NPC is Isobe, Ruby Sea (X21.3 Y19.5) Plus Swap as personal rules, used cards: Tiamat, Nael Van Darnus, Hildibrand & Nashu, Hisui & Kurenai, Louisoix, Cloud of Darkness, Calofisteri, Ango (gives 2 cards)
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