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Spriggans are neither sprites nor faeries, but share similarities with both. They are known to inhabit rocky regions and the deep recesses of mines. These black-furred soulkin are famous for carrying a gem or chunk of ore about with them at all times─a custom which may explain the popularly held belief within the mining fraternity that they are bringers of good fortune. Their classification as soulkin is based on a theory expounded in the Codex of Stone, which asserts that the creatures are naught but vessels for the will of the earth.
Rarity Card Type Sells for Values
Very common - 100 MGP 2・3・4・4

Drop rates have a color to illustrate their accuracy depending on the number of drop reports:
Red: inaccurate (less than 100 reports), Orange: somewhat accurate (100~1000 reports), Blue: accurate (more than 1000 reports)

Zanador 15th August, 2022 @ 08:29 pm

11 wins against Triad Master in order to get it. Nowhere near 100%.

Anonymous Player 5th August, 2022 @ 10:12 pm

Gave up trying to get from Triad Master, bought bronze packs instead, got on my 22nd pack

Anonymous Player 5th August, 2022 @ 10:06 pm

Absolutely not 100% drop chance from Triple Triad Master, have done over ten times and still haven't got it. The fact that you need to go through the slow-ass tutorial every time is just a mind-boggling design choice.

Anonymous Player 23rd January, 2022 @ 11:58 am

Why in the name of the god forsaken star is the tutorial happening. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

Cohoi 4th October, 2021 @ 05:41 am

Triple Triad Master - on 4th win

shahmetal 8th August, 2021 @ 05:09 pm

Triple Triad Master - 3rd wins

fatb0y 22nd July, 2021 @ 08:13 am

6/20 bronze packs

chronoshifter 5th July, 2021 @ 01:02 pm

2/82 bronze packs

Haneroze 1st May, 2021 @ 02:43 am

Patch 5.5: Bought 30 Bronze packs, got 3 of this.
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